Fair Processing Notice / Privacy Policy

Published: 24th May 2018

This notice describes your rights as a visitor or customer of Leesa Sleep Ltd. It provides information about your rights relating to your personal information along with how we collect, use and share your data.

Leesa Sleep is committed to abiding by all data protection laws in the countries in which it operates and will be open and transparent in how we use your personal information. Many people will be aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the new 2018 UK Data Protection Act. Leesa Sleep acknowledges its requirement to comply with these laws as well as local laws applicable to other countries.

This policy contains links to more information on many of the topics listed and further external links if you wish to read further detail about personal data management.

Who we are

Leesa Sleep Ltd is a company providing mattresses and other sleep related products.

We are registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office as a data controller and our registration number is ZA320307.

Our head office address is 9A Lowry House, 17 Marble St., Manchester M2 3AW.

If you need to contact someone to talk about personal data privacy you can contact our Data Protection Team at dataprivacy@leesa.co.uk.

What is personal data?

Personal data is data which identifies a person (you) from the information provided or if combined with information that we may already have access to.

You can find out more about the legal definitions of personal data here.

In summary, personal data is:

  • Name and address
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Bank account details
  • An IP address

In addition, there are “special categories” of personal data which means that the data, in law, is considered more sensitive, such as:

  • Personal data related to your health
  • Date of birth
  • Genetic data
  • Religious beliefs

Click here for a more complete list of this type of data.

Collecting personal data

We collect your personal data for a number of reasons including to enable us to provide you with a product you purchase, or a service you are interested in and where you have provided these details. Your personal data may be collected from several places.

Usually we will collect information you have provided, but sometimes we get your personal information from third parties who provide us with the information of people who have given permission for their information to be shared. We will always use such information responsibly and in accordance with your rights. Click here for a list of categories of third parties.

Where your personal data is used by us, and you have a choice e.g. receiving direct marketing, you will always be afforded the option of stopping further contact “unsubscribe” and controlling these consent options to your own satisfaction.

If you believe that we have misused your personal data, please contact us and we will resolve your problem as swiftly as we can.

What we use your personal data for

We will use your personal data to let you know about offers and products (marketing), so long as we have your permission to do so. Wherever we collect personal data with marketing in mind, we will inform you and provide you with a choice to continue or stop being contacted for this purpose.

We will use your personal data to fulfil any contract we have with you, which will usually be when you order a product from us, we are contractually obliged to use your personal data to ensure you get the right product.

Who do we share your personal data with?

There are some organisations with whom we work, where we must share your personal details to provide the goods and services you require. This may be manufacturers, where your product is made to order, and courier/delivery organisations so that the item can be shipped.

Where your personal data must be shared for us to provide you with a service, then we make sure that our partners have the right controls in place to use your information responsibly and under our control. Categories of partners who may see your information are listed here.

It is important for us that you understand who your information may be shared with and the seriousness with which we take the confidentiality of your personal data. If you have questions about such uses of your personal data, we will happy to tell you more.

We may also share your information with organisations where there is a need to check the accuracy of data we hold and where there may be legal or regulatory requirement to provide personal data, for example law enforcement.

We will not share your personal data unless there is a valid legal reason or need to do so.

Where is your personal data kept?

Your personal data is kept secure at all times and we use the latest technology to ensure that all our data is kept confidential, especially personal information that we hold.

Your information may be kept in a number of places, all of which comply with data protection requirements. We use cloud providers and online application providers to help us run our business. Personal data may be held on systems and databases in several locations. However, your personal information will be held with requirements of confidentiality and with suitable legal agreements and contracts in place, so you can be assured that your personal data is looked after.

Some of our systems may include the transfer of your personal data to other countries. Your data will only be transferred to other countries which have adequate provision in place to protect personal data to an equivalent level as personal data held in the UK.

How long we keep your personal data for

We will keep your personal data for a length of time that is in line with our need to identify you and to provide goods or services to you. If you are a customer, then we will keep personal information about you for our legitimate business purposes, such as ensuring we can identify you in the case of a warranty claim, to identify payments and within our finance systems for auditing and accounting purposes. We will also keep your information you have provided for marketing purposes for a period of time that allows us to contact you with offers, if you have agreed to be contacted, and to ensure that we do not contact you inadvertently if you have refused marketing contact.

We will only keep your personal data for as long as there is a legitimate requirement to do so.

More information on how long we keep your data is available from dataprivacy@leesa.co.uk

What are your rights?

Under data protection legislation from the UK and Europe, you have rights over how your personal data is used. The main rights related to your personal data are listed below, but there are others which you may like to find out more about by looking up the Data Protection Act 2018 or the General Data Protection Regulation.

The right of transparency (right to be informed)

The right of access to your information

The right of rectification

The right to be forgotten (the right to erasure)

The right to restrict processing of your personal data

The right to data portability

The right to object

The right to stop automated individual decision making, including profiling

The right to complain