Choosing the right size mattress is important. So, we put together this handy guide of mattress sizes and dimensions to help make your decision a little easier. Whichever mattress size you choose, we guarantee an amazing night's sleep, backed by a 100-night risk-free sleep trial, free shipping and no-hassle returns.

Single Mattress

The Leesa Single mattress is the perfect solution for smaller bedrooms, making it ideal for children, teenagers, and students. The Leesa is now also available in the EU Single mattress size, which is 10cm longer than the standard Single. For couples looking for a more individualised bed experience, you can also use two EU Singles to fit a Super King size bed, making it a great option for adjustable beds.

Double Mattress

Wider than a Single, smaller than a King – the Double Leesa mattress is perfect for a single adult to sleep soundly in a bit more space, or for a couple who doesn't mind snuggling through the night. The Leesa mattress now also comes in the EU Double size, which is 5cm wider and 10cm longer than the standard Double.

King Size Mattress

The King Size mattress offers a lot more room when in bed, making it a naturally comfortable choice for couples. The Leesa King Size mattress now also comes in the EU King size, which is 10cm wider than the standard King Size, for those who want to have a bit more space when sharing. Choosing a King Size Leesa mattress will bring you night after night of spacious, cooling, body contouring and core support.

Super King Mattress

The largest mattress in the Leesa collection is the Super King Size Mattress. Being 30cm wider than the standard King Size, the Leesa Super King Size mattress is perfect for couples looking for as much space as possible, and for those lazy family Sunday mornings when the kids climb into bed.